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Our Story

Everything begins with a passion.

It started with a passion that quickly exploded into reality for creating nostalgic traditional Cantonese and Chinese cuisines that bring happiness to people. 

At Hua Gu, we just want to bring you the true taste of Cantonese and Chinese cuisine that’s fiery, fresh and delectable.

Excite your palette with our exclusive range of premium nostalgic dishes that are made with high-quality ingredients and fragrant herbs which complements the intense and robust flavors of the traditional Chinese cooking.

Our Dim-Sum

Indulge in our wide selection range of premium nostalgic dishes all-in-one destination. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients (strictly NO MSG added), you can taste the flavours of quality food at a price that is hard to beat!

It's Time for Dim-Sum

5/5 Stars Dim-Sum Restaurant
* Clean * Hygiene *Nostalgic *


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90/60 ถนนเจ้าฟ้า 69 (ทางเข้าวัดหลวงปู่สุภา) ฉลอง เมืองภูเก็ต ภูเก็ต Phuket, Thailand 83130

08:00 - 14:30
16:30 - 21:00

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